Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have been given strict guidelines by the state of VA Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) that we will need to adhere to.

Island Queen Inland Charters has put required sanitizing efforts in place to make your trip safe as possible.

1. We can only book passengers that are all from the same family.

2. Our booking person will be screening everyone at time of reservation on the following:

     a. Has anyone in your family been exposed to anyone in the past 30 days with COVID-19 or any of its variants?

     b. Are you feeling well in the days leading up to the trip with no COVID-19 type symptoms?  

     c. If someone in your family is showing symptoms the trip can be cancelled at not charge.

     d. Even if you have received the vaccine we will need to adhere to these guidelines until further notice.

3. Captain will be sanitizing the boat before and after each trip with and EPA approved sanitizer.

4. Wearing face covering is up to passenger but will have to have them with them. 

5. Customer can bring their own hand sanitizers to use during trip.

6. Island Queen Inland Charters will supply hand sanitizer as needed on the boat.

7. Captain is vaccinated.